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Our Story

About The Club


Nairn Coastal Rowing Club was established in 2017 by a group from the local community that were keen to add Nairn to the fast growing sport of Coastal Rowing. Bringing the community together to firstly build our skiff and then provide a platform for both social and competitive rowing.


Our first boat, Dulsie, was launched in September 2018 after completion of the 7-month build.

We merged with our kindred Ardersier Boat Club in November 2018.

Our vision is to bring people together for fun, fitness and socialising with other coastal communities, offering enjoyable and safe coastal rowing experience.

We provide appropriate training and all the necessary safety equipment to get onto the water to enjoy the beautiful coastal and inshore water ways in and around Scotland.

First funding for the club was obtained in early 2017 from the Nairnshire Council through the Nurturing Nairnshire program. The club, however, did not really start to develop until late autumn 2017 when the constitution was drawn up and Charity Status was  applied for. The Nairn Coastal Rowing Club was finally registered as a Scottish Charitable Independent Organization (SCIO) in March 2018 (Registration Number SC048196).

We merged with our kindred Ardersier Boat Club in November 2018.  This merger instantly doubled our capability with the addition of the Ardersier skiff, Ester.

About Our Boats


Built by the Nairn Coastal Rowing Club in 2018.

Launched on 22nd September 2018.

Boat number 215.

SCRA Racing Number 177.



Built by the Ardersier Boat Club in 2012/13.

Launched on 24th November 2013.

Boat number 84.


  • Both boats are 22ft (6.5m) long by 5ft 8in (1.7m) beam (width).

  • The St Ayles Skiff design is based on a Fair Isle Skiff – an open fishing boat – and it was drafted by a well-established boat designer, Ian Oughtred.  The first boat was built in 2009 as a project by Anstruther Maritime Museum.   Since then well over 200 boats have been built, mainly in Scotland but also in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, and some European countries.

  • The Skiff is clinker built from a kit made from high quality marine plywood with additional timbers are required for the keel, stem and stern and other boat fittings.

  • The idea is that the boats can compete in one design races to provide fair competition.  However, there are several areas of fit out, such as rudder design, oars, etc. that give each build team the possibility of putting in their own thoughts


About the Sport of Coastal Rowing

Coastal rowing as an organized hobby popular across the UK, covering Cornish Pilot Gigs, Welsh Skiffs and our own St Ayles Skiff.

The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association (SCRA) is the umbrella organization for all the Scottish coastal rowing clubs. The organization sets standards for building the boats and organizing events. It also disseminates news on what is going on in the coastal rowing scene through its website and on Facebook.


Experience what makes us so unique - come and join us.

A BIG Thank you to our generous sponsors

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