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Welcome to our local friendly rowing club.    We are always looking for new members, and there is something for everyone:-

  • Row - competitively or just for fun

  • Cox - if you still want to get out in the boat

  • Help maintain the boats - and may be build the next one as we grow

  • Social member helping out at regattas or other events


We row both during the week and at weekends - whenever the tide is right, i.e. high tide so that we can get out to the harbour.   Beach launches are mostly for the summer as everyone ends up getting wet.  We have a lot of fun out on the Firth getting close to nature and the stillness of the ever-changing sea.  We meet seals and dolphins while getting some serious exercise that you don’t even think about while rowing.

We also head off to Regattas to socialise and row with our fellow Scottish Coastal Rowing Clubs - of which there are many.


You can use your membership for social rowing with different degrees of difficulty, competition training, coxing, boat maintenance or help out with social events or as a shore contact.


Many join the club without knowing anyone here but soon get  brought into the gang of happy rowers.   Apart from the rowing we also keep in contact through our facebook page Nairn coastal rowing.


We  look forward to seeing you and will have so much fun rowing on the Firth.

The membership year starts in March with full, youth & social rates.  Importantly, the full membership ensures you are covered under the club insurance.  Current rates are given on the application form


If you want to know more, please contact our Membership Secretary.

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