The big day !!!!

Well , the big day came…. and the weather behaved itself,  with the wind abating for most of the proceedings, and a spot of sunshine too.

There was a great crowd down at the harbour & it was grand to see so many folk come out to celebrate Dulsie’s launch.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves….. Funds were raised, members were signed up

Thanks to the crews from Findochty, Lossiemouth, Burghead , Findhorn and Ardersier, for coming along on the day …. and thank you, not only to  everyone who helped on the day but also to everyone who has helped on any day , during the  project.

Back in January, it did seem an impossible hill to climb… We set about  building our skiff, in a room  that wasn’t as long as the finished boat would be…. through the coldest winter since 1900 and frozen to death.

Some of us had precious little experience of working with wood…. you can’t weld it, and epoxy is not only  frightfully expensive…but it doesn’t like cold, or hot weather… and it’s awful sticky… until it cures,at which point, it turns into armour plate.

So to everyone who sanded, painted, cut, chiselled, routed, turned, drilled,…went for material or parts, ordered stuff,  planed, thicknessed, laminated, varnished, swept up… or helped with any, of any amount of jobs that needed doing , thank you.  As was proved yesterday… those jobs  got done, and got done rather well.

Dulsie looks wonderful… there is surely not a better looking skiff, anywhere.


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