Options for the event to celebrate the launch of Dulsie

Saturday September the 22nd , is the day chosen to officially launch Dulsie.

A premier and  eager team has been assembled , to organise the day…. but there is a question we need the membership’s opinion on …before casting the plans into tablets of epoxy resin.

Dulsie will be the star of the show , that’s a given. It is her day.. .The first wooden boat  of her type to be built in Nairn  for many a year.

but the options are :

1. Do we keep the day for Dulsie , and Esther, the Ardersier boat…. presently summering in Nairn ?

… or..

2. Do we open the day up to other rowing clubs in the area , to come along to the harbour , and join in with our event  celebrating Dulsie’s launch?


Poll will be open for 48 hours.




Launch day celebrations


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