More progress…..

Good news…… the epoxy used on the inner and outer stem & stern sections cured , just as it should…. phew…. !

So  we gathered again today, at Dave’s workshop, and moved onto phase 2 of laminating… the outer stem and stern section.

Having tidied up the excess glue from the important faces of  the  inner stem and stern , they were put back on the  jig , to be used as a form for the outer sections.

One thing we learnt from Monday was that we could be a little less liberal with the epoxy so, hopefully, there won’t be quite as much dressing to do, once it has cured.

Even though the outer sections have more laminations ( 8 , compared to 6 for the inner), it still wasn’t too difficult to get them  clamped into position on the jig…you just need a heap of clamps…… as can been seen in the photographs

They will be removed from the jig, first thing Saturday, and put through a planer/thicknesser, to take them down to the required width of 2″ , then brought down to the Old Stables so we can look at fitting them into position.

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday


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