Let the serious gluing begin

An intrepid group of volunteers gathered   this week , at a top secret location  on Nairnside, to  fathom out how to go about laminating the  stem and stern for our boat.

There are both inner  and outer stem and stern sections, and you have to build the inner sections first, and let them cure, before using them as a guide  to form the outer sections….with a strip of plastic between the two,  so you don’t stick one to the other…. at least not before you are supposed to.

The pre-cut strips of larch for these sections, we  recently received as part of the hardwood pack we need for the build,   were, mainly, straight and free of knots.

There are six strips of larch in each inner section ….so we set about wetting the faces of the  laminations fro the stem  with epoxy , prior to a second coat on one face of each strip of epoxy mixed with microfibres, to increase the gap filling capabilities of the mix, and increase the strength of the finished joints.

Quickly stacked them up , before moving over to the jig, to form the stack to shape, and clamp it into position….. and repeat for the stern.

We all found that it seemed  a little  easier than expected …but , given that there were 7 folk there, the pressure was off a little , as any one of use could have only have been found guilty of 14.29 %  of the blame for getting it wrong……

We also learnt that you need lots and lots and lots of clamps…. and that epoxy is incredibly messy…and sticky… very sticky….

There is a distinct possibility that someone may well have been left bonded to the floor….. or a door handle, or a tea cup…. or all 3.

Phase two is planned to be carried out this week…laminating the outer sections.

Once these have cured fully, they will be machined down to width , and brought back to Nairn.

The inner stems, once on the build jig and bonded to the hog ( which is the inner keel) , will form the structural backbone of the boat….. and make our project distinctly boat shaped.

Thanks have to go to Dave Matthews  for his hospitality, technical guidance, workshop facilities & heat…..

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