….and so we begin.

An eager group of helpers set about the first jobs this morning.

Setting up & levelling of the building frame , and tidying of the end workshop…which will be needed so that we have sufficient  space to work on components, before they are built onto the boat itself. Some anti-rodent works were also undertaken in the workshop… but the least said about that, the better…..

Pleased with our progress, we even managed to have a dry run of positioning  the moulds that the boat hull will be built on. It gives  a much better idea of the size of the boat.

Prior to securing the moulds into position on the building frame,for the duration of the hull construction, the instructions recommend cutting, preparing and bonding the frames together, using the relevant moulds for support, and doing so when the mould is in the flat.

It does mention that the frames can be bonded  when the moulds are on the building frame though….so we need to decide which of the two routes we want to take.

Everyone needs to take a look at the relevant sections of the build instructions……  and, to that end, your bedtime reading can be found here :




The full details of the build instructions  can be accessed from this web page : https://scottishcoastalrowing.org/boat-building/build-instructions/

It was agreed that we will next meet next Saturday, the 20th. Perhaps 9.30 is the best start time.

In the meanwhile, if there is any cutting work that can be done on the frames…we will let everyone know by email.


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