10th February latest news

A productive week at skiff central.

As posted previously…inner and outer stem & stern sections were laminated this week, and have now been planed to the finished width….. as modelled below…..

During the week , Paul ‘ Scarf Ace’ Chaplin, employed his cleverly crafted jig to machine the joint in the two sections of the hog….. and we got the two parts  lined up on the moulds today, and took advantage of the positively tropical conditions in the stables to glue and clamp the joint.

Once the glue has cured , and the excess has been dressed …we can start scratching our heads as to how we go about  joining it to the stem and stern….. but, before we do that, we are going to attach some extension pieces to the hog (which is now the longest piece of timber we have),  to take it up to the same length as the finished boat, to make sure it’s possible to manoeuvre it out through the double doors….without the need for a stonemason…..

This test will be carried out next Saturday….so please feel free to come along to the Old Stables to help, or stand back , and peek through your fingers, nervously…

We will also  need to look at building a table /support  to allow the scarf joints in the planks to be  glued accurately , cutting and dressing the plank sections, and measuring and marking out the laminated sections, prior to fitting them

Thanks to the folks who helped  today and during the week…..

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